We offer scaffolding solutions to businesses across Wales.

Inspection for construction site

The DSS SCAFFOLDING Company offers a complete service with attention to detail, working actively in the construction sector.

Security and professionalism are the characteristics that best describe the company. In fact, we want all customers to find full satisfaction with every specific request, providing only top quality building equipment.

Our technical experts begin each work by performing a scrupulous inspection and survey of the building site in which the scaffolding will be installed. This inspection is completely free and is essential in order to find the best solution.

We are an ideal company to rely on in order to receive a complete service, which provides for the installation of state-of-the-art scaffolding for strength and functionality.


Wide choice of scaffolding types available includes:

  • scaffolding with frames;
  • scaffolding with tube and joint;
  • scaffolding mixed tube and frame;
  • Scaffolding

DSS SCAFFOLDING provides scaffolding for:

  • renovation of houses and condominiums
  • repair of roofs
  • new buildings
  • restoration of churches and monuments

With innovative ideas, everything is processed more efficiently and quickly, always ensuring a high standard of quality scaffolding services.

For every need in the construction sector where scaffolding is needed, from the small private sector, to the company, to the construction site, to the public company, pipe and joint scaffolding, frame scaffolding, multidirectional scaffolding, DSS SCAFFOLDING is the choice you should always trust. Addition to quality, availability and efficient service, we also offer convenience.

Installation of scaffolding

Our staff is available to private individuals and construction companies to install any type of scaffolding, from simple scaffolding to structures important for large buildings. We pay the utmost attention to securing in accordance with the current legislation and the directives of the project leader. We intervene with the precision that distinguishes our every service and promptly.

Laying roofing and securing

In accordance with the legislation concerning the safety of building works, we complete the installation of scaffolding with the laying of the roof covering. One of our expert technicians evaluates when it is obligatory and opportune to install the mantle and then proceed with the installation with punctuality so that you can start the work as soon as possible.

Scaffolding service

DSS DOM SCAFFOLDING SERVICES LTD Cardiff is a family company adjusted to the reality and demands of our customers. We have 30 years of experience in the field of scaffolding service and all kinds of services in general.

Scaffolding Wales

Our best work tools are the following values: professionalism, satisfaction and punctuality, combined with an efficient and quality work that makes us a reliable and worthy company to provide our services.