DSS SCAFFOLDING Cardiff, with highly specialized technical staff and workers, is able to satisfy any type or application of metal scaffolding both in the field of industrial maintenance and in the construction and renovation of civil buildings:

  • New Constructions;
  • Restructuring
  • Extensions
  • Roof makeover;
  • Installation of thermal coats, flues, plant engineering;
  • Architectural restoration of valuable buildings.

“Express” quotation service

Quotation requests are processed and delivered to customers within 48 hours of the request.

Design and documentation

DSS SCAFFOLDING has a technical office able to promptly provide all the documentation of the site and also in file format. The technical office also makes use of the collaboration of specialized technicians for the analysis of the most complex construction sites and the drafting of structural calculation reports.

Construction site accessories

DSS SCAFFOLDING supplies, on request, scaffolding anti-intrusion systems.

A perfectly synchronized team able to manage multiple sites at the same time

Scaffolding is made up of people with a proven twenty-year experience in the sector

Our services are provided in a very short time and according to customer needs.


7 Clos Tyniad Glo, Barry,
Vale of Glamorgan
CF63 4QQ United Kingdom

Telephone: 07756983819

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  • Qualified Technicians
  • Our team of specialized technicians ensures immediate and competent assistance at construction sites.
  • Dedicated workshop
  • Dedicated workshop where qualified technicians perform maintenance activities on lifting equipment.